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Using Interactive Computer Mapping to Teach Cartographic Concepts at Middlebury College


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(excerpt from the article)
Automated cartography has greatly reduced the time and effort required for map production, and has become widely accepted in both the public and private sectors as an effective and efficient means for portraying spatial data. With the increased demand for people with training in computer graphics, many colleges and universities now include instruction in the use of computer cartography in their curricula. Most often, the objective of such instruction is to lead students to the successful execution fo mapping programs. Computer mapping, however, need not be regarded only as an instructional goal; the relative ease of procedure, especially with the advent of interactive capabilities, can transform it to a profitable pedagogic tool. More specifically, it can be used to illustrate many basic spatial and cartographic concepts far more emphatically and convincingly than conventional classroom approaches.

This paper describes the use of interactive computer mapping to teach cartographic concepts to undergraduate students at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont. We designed a five-week module to introduce students to some of the most commonly encountered problems in cartographic design and production. The course emphasized the use of interactive mapping programs that permitted the students to discover and evaluate basic concepts on their own.
Table of Contents:  
Date Covered: 1981  
Date: 1981  
Geographic Coverage: Middlebury, Vermont, California, U.S.A., Illinois  
Creator: Churchill, Robert R. and Phillip Frankland  
Format: 7 p. : ill., maps ; 8.5 x 11 in.  
Provenance: Acquired through Interlibrary Loan (Vermont Department of Libraries), September 2009. Format received was original paper publication. Scanned into digital PDF, 300 dpi, using Ricoh Aficio MP C5000 Super G3, September 2009.  
Publisher: Cambridge, Massachusetts : Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 1981  
Type: Text  
Rights: The article is made available through the Courtesy of the Frances Loeb Library, Harvard University Graduate School of Design  
Bibliographic Citation: Churchill, Robert R., and Phillip Frankland. "Using Interactive Computer Mapping to Teach Cartographic Concepts at Middlebury College." Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis, Harvard Graduate School of Design. 16. (1981): 69-75.  
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Link to resource: VGH0009.pdf

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