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This collection contains items from the history of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in Vermont
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Vermont Geographic Information System : annual report to the Legislature - March 1989


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The following is the Summary from the document.
In June, the Secretary of Administration created two committees. A Geographic Information System (GIS) Oversight Committee developed a comprehansive strategy for GIS implementation and directed initial efforts at establishing pilot projects. A GIS Working Committee also was established to give technical assistance to the Oversight Committee. Each committee consisted of members of state government, regional planners, local officials, and representatives of private industry. The members of the two committees are listed in Appendix A. The Oversight Committee held 10 meetings. Many long hours of discussion, education, and hard work have gone into their efforts.

In August, the Oversight Committee decided to follow a two track approach to developing a GIS. Because of the complexity and cost of the system, the committee felt that a long range planning study was needed. But because many GIS users were impatiently awaiting service, the committee felt that some pilot projects also would generate information useful in establishing the shape of the GIS.

The planning study proceeded with the help of a consultant. In September 1988, PlanGraphic, Inc. and the Cavendish Partership were selected from five finalists to help develop the strategy. The consultant prepared three reports to help the develop this strategy. These reports are entitled:
Phase I: State of Vermont GIS Needs Determination
Phase II: State of Vermont Conceptual System Design
Providing Access to the Vermont Geographic Information System, Legal Framework, Funcitonal Access, and Cost-Price Model for Sale of Products and Service

The following sections summarize the key components of Vermont's GIS strategy.
Table of Contents: Summary . . . p.1
Priorities Among GIS Uses . . . p.1
Standards . . . p.3
Data Layers . . . p.4
Data Currently in System . . . p.5
Organization . . . p.5
GIS Advisory Committee . . . p.8
Staffing . . . p.8
Executive Versus Legislative Action . . . p.8
Software . . . p.9
Hardware . . . p.9
Funding and Costs . . . p.9
Geographic Data Resource Catalog . . . p.10
Education and Outreach . . . p.11
Pilot Project Program . . . p.11
Next Actions . . . p.12
Summary of Short and Long Term Organizational Development . . . p.13
ACT200 . . . p.15
-- Sections Referring to Geographic Information Systems . . . p.15
Appendix A . . . p.17
-- GIS Oversight and Working Committee Members . . . p.17
Appendix B . . . p.18
-- Fiscal Year 1989 Summary of Expenditures . . . p.18
Appendix C . . . p.19
-- Geographic Data Resource Catalog . . . p.19
Appendix D . . . p.22
-- GIS Pilot Program Objectives . . . p.22
Appendix E . . . p.23
-- First Quarterly Project Report . . . p.23
Appendix F . . . p.28
-- Regional and Local Community Pilot Project . . . p.28
Date Covered: 1989  
Date: 1989 March  
Geographic Coverage: Vermont, statewide  
Creator: Vermont. Office of Geographic Information Services  
Format: v. 35 p. : ill., maps ; 8.5 x 11 in.  
Provenance: Acquired from the Vermont Department of Libraries, September 2009. Paper format. Digitally scanned into PDF, 300 dpi, using Ricoh Aficio MP C5000 Super G3, January 2010.  
Publisher: Montpelier, Vermont : Office of Geographic Information Services, 1989  
Type: Text  
Rights: Public Domain  
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Link to resource: VGH0006.pdf

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