Early Vermont GIS History

This collection contains items from the history of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in Vermont
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Sheet 4 - Preliminary Draft


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VGH00021.pdf -   8.5 MB

Map contains:
5-foot contours
elevation points (in feet above sea level)
property lines
property addresses (pre-E911)
road names
zoning districts
design review district [orange striped shading]

[zoning districts key]
CEM   Cemetery
LDR   Low Density Residential
MDR   Medium Density Residential
HDR   High Density Residential
GB   General Business
IND   Industrial
OP   Office Park
RD   Recreational District

[notation on map]:
This map was based on the 1970 Orthophoto Property Map series
1970 map series information:
Mapped, edited and printed by the Raytheon Company,
Autometric Operation for the Engineering Department,
City of Montpelier, Vermont.
Property Lines by AMCO Engineering Inc.
Control by USC&GS, USGS and Autometric Operation.
Orthophoto base produced by B-8 stereomat
from aerial photographs taken 1969.
Orthophoto sheet scale 1:2400 (1"=200').
1000-foot grid based on Vermont Coordinate System
Transverse Mercator Projection
1927 North American Datum.

Scale 1:2400
1" = 200'

[notation on map]
This map is for planning purposes only. It is not to be used for description, conveyance, or determination of legal title or as a construction drawing.

Map was produced using ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) PC ARC/INFO 3.x on a 386 PC running DOS [version unknown]
Table of Contents:  
Date Covered: 1992  
Date: 1992 January  
Geographic Coverage: Montpelier, Vermont  
Creator: Prepared By:
City of Montpelier
Department of Planning and Development
Format: 1 p. : map ; 36 x 30 in.  
Extent: XMIN YMIN XMAX YMAX 1610334.3 636828.8 1616734.3 642228.8 Vermont State Plane Feet NAD 1983.  
Provenance: Map was plotted on 36 x 30 in. 24-pound bond cut sheet paper using a Calcomp 8-pen vector plotter in January 1992.
Digitized on 18 February 2010 using a Zerox 510 scanner
Resolution: 400 dots per inch
Bit depth: 24-bit color, RGB (red-green-blue)
Format: PDF (portable document format)
Publisher: Montpelier, Vermont. : City of Montpelier Department of Planning and Development, 1992.  
Type: Map  
Rights: Public Domain  
Bibliographic Citation:  
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Link to resource: VGH00021.pdf

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