Early Vermont GIS History

This collection contains items from the history of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in Vermont
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Response Times from the Existing Fire Station and Eight Other Proposed Sites


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[Legend Information]
Response Time Zones
[red line]   Under 3 Minutes
[green line]   Under 5 Minutes
[blue line]   Under 7 Minutes
[black line]   Over 7 Minutes
[dotted line] Not Included in Analysis

[station locations]
Existing Station   [61 Main Street]
[The eight other proposed sites included]:
Army Reserve   [near the intersection of US-2 and US-302]
Carr Lot   [intersection of Taylor Street and Memorial Drive]
Green Mountain Drive   [intersection of Green Mountain Drive and Memorial Drive]
Masonic Temple   [intersection of Main Street and Spring Street]
National Life   [intersection of National Life Drive and Memorial Drive]
State Triangle   [ntersection Memorial Drive and Dog River Road]
Stump Dump   [Elm Street and City Dump Road]
Zorsi   [intersection Barre Street and Pioneer Street]

[Scale 1:36000] 1" = 3000'

Map was produced using ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) PC ARC/INFO 3.x on a 386 PC running DOS [version unknown]
Table of Contents:  
Date Covered: 1995  
Date: 1995 October  
Contributor: SEM (Moulton, Sara E.)  
Geographic Coverage: Montpelier, Vermont  
Creator: Prepared By:
City of Montpelier GIS
Department of Planning and Development
Format: 1 p. : map ; 48 x 36 in.  
Provenance: Map was plotted on 48 x 36 in. 24-pound bond cut sheet paper using a Calcomp 8-pen vector plotter in 1991.
Digitized in February 2010 using a Zerox 510 scanner
Resolution: 400 dots per inch
Bit depth: 24-bit color, RGB (red-green-blue)
Format: PDF (portable document format)
Publisher: Montpelier, Vermont. : City of Montpelier Department of Planning and Development, 1995.  
References: The following is the macro that produced the map:
Type: Map  
Rights: Public Domain  
Bibliographic Citation:  
See also: Montpelier Road Centerlines  

Link to resource: VGH00015.pdf

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