Early Vermont GIS History

This collection contains items from the history of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in Vermont
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Montpelier Road Centerlines 1990-1995  

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Description of the creation and early development of the road centerline data layer for the City of Montpelier.

Montpelier Road Centerlines 1990-1995 - a narrative

Road Centerline Data
in original pcArc/Info coverage format (in zipped file). The data in this coverage was last updated in November 1995.

Refer to this document when converting the original coverage to other formats.

Data Layer Metadata
Table of Contents:  
Date Covered: 1990-1995  
Date: 2010 January  
Geographic Coverage: Montpelier, Vermont  
Creator: Moulton, Sara E.  
Format: 3 p. : ill. ; 8.5 x 11 in.  
Provenance: Written for the Vermont GIS History Website by Sara E, Moulton, GIS Specialist for the City of Montpelier 1989-2003.  
Publisher: Montpelier, Vermont : Vermont GIS History Website  
References: http://www.mtbytes.com/vtgishistory/catalog/coverage_doc_info.cfm  
Type: Data  
Rights: Public Domain  
Bibliographic Citation: Author: Moulton, Sara E.
Title of Web Page: Montpelier Road Centerlines 1990-1995
Title of Web Site: History of GIS in Vermont
Date Published: Jan 2010
Publishing Organization: MT Bytes, LLC
Web URL: http://www.mtbytes.com/vtgishistory/catalog/docs/VGH0010.pdf
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