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This collection contains items from the history of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in Vermont
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The Creation of the Vermont State Data Base : a program of work


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The following is the ABSTRACT from the document
Recent technological advances in computer technology, data handling, manipulation and display have made the concept of a statewide geographically-related information system a reality. Generally referred to as a geographic information system or simply GIS, it not only provides an efficient data storage and retrieval system, it can also be used to model various events. Properly built and maintained, a geographic information system can often replace traditional point sampling methods with a complete population enumeration. Through cooperative efforts involving state, federal, University and private agencies and organizations, very detailed information can be efficiently collected, entered into a system and used fully by al parties. Failure to take such action will result in the needless waste of time and money collecting often duplicate information sets and being unable to properly analyze and use the information to its maximum value.

Until very recently data entry was a major stumbling block to the creation and maintenance of a state data base. Information layers such as landcover and use were very time consuming to enter into the system and to keep current. Current satellite imaging capabilities from space have now made yearly statewide updates in land cover a reality. In addition, the time involved to enter a very detailed polygon and topographic information has also been reduced with the development of raster scanning and laser line following devices.

With proper planning, coordination and funding a statewide data base for Vermont can be in place by 1990. Section of this information system will be available even sooner providing spatially located information to resource planners, decisionmakers, and administrators.
Table of Contents: Abstract . . . page ii
Background . . . page 1
Objective . . . page 3
Applications . . . page 3
-- Present . . . page 3
-- Future . . . page 5
Program of Work . . . page 6
-- Overview . . . page 6
-- Geographic Information System at the University of Vermont . . . page 8
-- Data Layer and Entry Procedures . . . page 13
-- Expected Results . . . page 16
Definition of Roles and Responsibilities . . . page 17
Reporting Requirements and First Year Time Table . . . page 19
Program Budget . . . page 21
Date Covered: 1983  
Date: 1983 April  
Contributor: -  
Geographic Coverage: Vermont, statewide  
Creator: Smith, Gary  
Format: ii, 22 p. : ill. ; 8.5 x 11 in.  
Extent: -  
Provenance: Donated by Gary Smith, September 2009. Format received was paper photocopy. Digitally scanned into PDF, 300 dpi, using Ricoh Aficio MP C5000 Super G3, October 2009.  
Publisher: School of Natural Resources, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont  
References: -  
Subject: -  
Type: Text  
Rights: Public Domain  
Bibliographic Citation: -  
See also: Comments by Gary Smith about the beginning of GIS in Vermont
A Geographic Information System for Vermont

Link to resource: VGH0001.pdf

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